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Welcome to Leadsmake...

High-Quality Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to monetize your web traffic? Are you interested in dating and adult entertainment? Leadsmake is a major player in Africa’s dating and adult verticals. Our mission is simple: We connect you with the best affiliate programs on the market. 

Leadsmake helps you monetize your web traffic. We reject the low standards of other affiliate networks. Our entire focus is quality; we connect talented affiliates with high-quality deals.

About Us

Leadsmake is a high paying and top rated CPA network. We’re a team of experienced affiliate marketers and programmers who’re transforming the industry in Africa. We want to become Africa’s biggest affiliate network in the dating/adult niches. 

To accomplish our goal, we form relationships with top brands so that our affiliates gain access to exclusive deals. We provide you with a collection of dating/adult offers that are in high demand. 

Our affiliates drive sales and increase conversions across the continent.

Our Services

For affiliates

A wide range of high-quality affiliate programs in the dating and adult verticals. Statistics, analytics and reporting tools to monitor your campaigns. Payment processing (and we emphasize fast payments). A team of experienced affiliate marketers ready to answer your questions Advice about choosing the right program that is relevant for your web traffic Access to exclusive deals World class customer service

For advertisers

Connections with affiliates who'll drive traffic, sales, and conversions. Thoroughly vetted affiliates Payment processing Tracking sales Increased conversions Fast responses to any complaints or queries Swift action in case of a problem White hate marketing techniques from our affiliates

Our Approach to Affiliate Marketing

High Quality Deals

Let’s be honest: the dating and adult verticals overflow with low quality offers. Most offers don’t convert. They’re a waste of time and money.
Leadsmake is all about quality. We seek out the best affiliate programs that bring real value to the table. Our offers convert because they’re in high demand. Our partners are leaders and innovators who understand the market. Our focus is quality.

Fast Payments

We always pay on time. For added convenience, we offer various payment methods to ensure that you easily receive revenue for work done. As soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold and earn at least $70 with Leadsmake, you are able to receive your money with one of the online payment systems listed below: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, MasterCard or Transfer Wise.

Payment Terms : Net7, Net15 & Weekly

Exclusive Deals

Our affiliates benefit from our connections. Our network gives you access to the best deals in Africa. Nowhere else will you find such high profit margins. Nowhere else will you find such exclusive deals.

Customer Service and Support

We care about your business. We offer fast and friendly customer service to both affiliates and advertisers. We are committed to your success.

The best team in Africa

We’re a team of veteran affiliate marketers. We work closely with programmers and software engineers. We believe that a company is only as good as its people. Our people are world class.

Our Partners

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Who We Work With ?

Who We Don't Work With ?


Most frequent questions and answers

No. An affiliate account is free.

Our focus and specialization is on the dating and adult verticals. These are trendy verticals in high demand across Africa. Sometimes, if we find a great deal, we’ll offer our affiliates a product outside of these categories.

No. Simply create an account and fill in your information.

No. But you do need web traffic. Your traffic must come from either organic or paid sources. Affiliate marketers can only make money if they have some type of web traffic. A large part of your job is creating and maintaining a flow of web traffic. If you manage, you’ll make money guaranteed.

Of course. We have a team of pros who’re ready to take your questions and provide valuable advice. Even if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can contact us with questions and we’ll do our best to provide actionable solutions.

Yes. Contact our customer support and we will analyze your situation and give advice. It’s important to choose the right product to maximize your profits.

It depends on the affiliate program. Commissions range from 5$ to 50$ per sale. But we recommend that you choose the program that is relevant to your traffic. Don’t pick a program simply because it has a high pay out.

When somebody clicks on your affiliate link or banner, we put a cookie onto their device’s browser to track whether or not they make a purchase. If they make a purchase, you make a commission. This technology is 100 percent legal, and it has existed for decades. Amazon uses affiliate cookies. Walmart uses affiliate cookies. There’s nothing immoral about it.

Emilia Clarke
I've been working with Leadsmake for a few months now. I'm using paid ads to promote a dating app. I'm making a nice little side income. Would definitely recommend the network!
Emilia Clarke
The market for adult products is massive in South Africa. I target Johannesburg with success. I like the fact that Leadsmake is an African network. It's perfect for me at least. South Africa's a goldmine.
Emilia Clarke
I'd like to say thank you to the Leadsmake team for helping me pick the right dating app. Although I'm still building up my traffic, I'm in this for the long term.
Emilia Clarke
A great resource for African affiliate marketers. They have good pay outs. I love their deals. They're a professional company. Good people.
Emilia Clarke
Reliable network. I enjoy working with them.